ErrorScript, ErrorFile Initialized Differently - Caveat

The default ErrorScript and ErrorFile locations in the Texis version 6 texis.ini file (here) use %SCRIPTROOT% in their values, a variable not available in version 5 or earlier. The effective location is still the same (errorscript and errorfile in the texis/scripts directory).

Caveat: if a version 5 or earlier Texis accesses a version 6 or later texis.cnf - manually moved to that old (version 5) location instead of texis.ini - the error "ErrorScript or SERVER_ROOT must be an absolute path" may result.

To revert to version 5 behavior, [Texis] ErrorScript may be set to the version-5-compatible value %INSTALLDIR%/texis/scripts/errorscript (and ErrorFile set similarly).

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