CREATE INDEX ... WITH options Syntax - Caveat

In Texis version 7, many index options that were previously only alterable via global SQL properties may be specified directly in the SQL CREATE INDEX statement, e.g. index expressions:

    ON myTable(Title\Meta\Body,Price)
    WITH WORDEXPRESSIONS ('\alnum{2,99}', '[\x80-\xFF]{2,99}')

This helps reduce side-effects that can occur when a global setting was changed to create one index but erroneously left on for another: the setting can now be moved into the creation statement itself. Search the online Texis manual for "Index Options" for details.

The keyword FULLTEXT was added in Texis version 7 as a clearer synonym for METAMORPH. If FULLTEXT (all-upper or all-lower) is already in use as an identifier - table name, column name, index name, etc. - then its usage must be enclosed in double-quotes in SQL in version 7, to prevent syntax errors. E.g.: SELECT "fulltext" FROM MyTable ...

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