Texis Servlet

There is a servlet available to allow you to access Texis scripts when running under a J2EE server. You can find it in the extras/servlet directory under your install.

Generally you should install Texis under your front-end web server, however if you need /texis URLs to be served in your J2EE server you can use this servlet. The servlet has two modes of operation. One proxys /texis requests to the Thunderstone server to handle them, and the other executes texis directly in a CGI environment.

You can unzip the servlet.zip and copy the texis folder into your application server. Edit the WEB-INF/web.xml file to configure the ServletMapping for either Proxy or CGI mode, as well as setting the parameters. When running on Windows under Tomcat you need the SystemDrive and SystemRoot environment settings that are included to point at the appropriate place.

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