Java JDBC Driver

There is a Java JDBC driver available for Texis. It is assumed that you are familiar with JDBC in general if you are using this driver. The driver is provided as a Vortex script jdbc and texisjdbc.jar in the extras/jdbc directory under your install.

The Vortex script should be installed so it is accessible via a web server, either the default web server, vhttpd or the monitor web server.

It provides the class com.thunderstone.texis.jdbc.TexisDriver, and the connection string is formatted as:


Where http://SERVERNAME/texis/scripts/jdbc is the URL to access the jdbc script, and /PATH/TO/DB is the full path to the database.

The driver is only intended for use as a back-end tool to help manage the database, or import data from other databases with JDBC drivers.

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