setmmapi - Metamorph API reinitialization


#include <stdio.h>
#include "api3.h"

MMAPI * setmmapi(mm,query)
MMAPI * mm;
char  * query;

setmmapi() takes a pointer to an open MMAPI and a query string. The query is a '\0' terminated string which has exactly the same syntax as a query would have within the Metamorph User Interface with the exception that there is no macro facility.

The query will be parsed using the APICP variables from the openmmapi() call, and following the rules described under "Query processing and Equivalence lookup".

setmmapi(), or openmmapi() with a non-(char *)NULL query, must be called before making calls to getmmapi().

setmmapi() returns the mm pointer passed if successful or MMAPIPN if there was an error.


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