openmmapi, closemmapi - Metamorph API initialization and cleanup


#include <stdio.h>
#include "api3.h"

MMAPI * openmmapi(query,cp)
char  * query;
APICP * cp;

MMAPI * closemmapi(mm)
MMAPI * mm;

Openmmapi performs the initialization required to perform a Metamorph query. It returns a pointer to a structure that will be required by the getmmapi, setmmapi, and closemmapi functions.

Openmmapi requires two parameters. The first parameter is the user's query. The query is a '\0' terminated string which has exactly the same syntax as a query would have within the Metamorph User Interface with the exception that there is no macro facility. Internally openmmapi calls setmmapi if the query is not (char *)NULL. If the query is (char *)NULL it is up to the programmer to call setmmapi before calling getmmapi. The second parameter is the APICP pointer returned by a successful call to openapicp().


setmmapi(), openapicp()

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