putdbtblrow() - Writes the current row in the table.


RECID *putdbtblrow
    DBTBL *db,
    RECID *where



The table to write out.
RECID *where

Where to put the data.

The current data in the tables output buffer as set with putfld() is written to the table proper. If where is NULL then the row is inserted at a free location in the table. If where is a valid location then an attempt is made to write the data at the specified location. If there is not enough space then the data currently there will be removed, and the current data written to a location with enough space.

Returns the location where the record was stored. Note that if a location is specified that is too small for the current data the location specified in where might not be used. If an error was encountered while outputting the row then recidvalid() on the result will return false.

putfld(), getdbtblrow(), putdbtblrow()

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