Math functions

The following basic math functions are available in Texis: acos, asin, atan, atan2, ceil, cos, cosh, exp, fabs, floor, fmod, log, log10, pow, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh.

All of the above functions call the ANSI C math library function of the same name, and return a result of type double. pow, atan2 and fmod take two double arguments, the remainder take one double argument. Added in version: 2.6.931790000

In addition, the following math-related functions are available:

  • isNaN(x) Returns 1 if x is a float or double NaN (Not a Number) value, 0 if not. This function should be used to test for NaN, rather than using the equality operator (e.g. x = 'NaN'), because the IEEE standard defines NaN == NaN to be false, not true as might be expected. Added in version 5.01.1193955406 20071101.

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