Date functions

The following date functions are available in Texis: dayname, month, monthname, dayofmonth, dayofweek, dayofyear, quarter, week, year, hour, minute, second, now.

All the functions except now take a date as an argument. dayname and monthname will return a string with the full day or month name based on the current locale, and the others return a number.

The dayofweek function returns 1 for Sunday. The quarter is based on months, so April 1st is the first day of quarter 2. Week 1 begins with the first Sunday of the year.

Added in version: 3.0.948300000

The following functions were added in version 3.01.990400000: monthseq, weekseq and dayseq which will return the number of months, weeks and days since an arbitrary past date. These can be used when comparing dates to see how many months, weeks or days separate them.

Added in version: 8

now takes no arguments, and returns the current date and time as a date.

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