Intelligent Intersection Search

The intelligent intersection search is used to locate logical intersections of equivalence sets within defined textual delimiters, a sentence being a good default to use for a context weighted application.

Where the APICP flag keepnoise has been turned on, Metamorph is directed to keep all words entered as part of the query whether noise or not. With noise words being retained as search words, remember not to use extraneous words or punctuation unless it is meant to be part of a designated search item. The same type of search is being used where noise is being filtered out, but applied only to the non-noise words.

Specify the words you want to look for in your query, separated by space. No punctuation or other designation is required. In this query:

life death disease
you will get hits containing intersections of occurrences from the "life", "death", and "disease" equivalence sets as well as the morphological constructs connected with those words.

You are signalling the program to look for intersections of each of the sets you have specified on the query line. If not otherwise marked this indicates a PPM search (or SPM search if there are no equivalences) where Metamorph's set logic, morpheme processing, equivalence handling, and so forth is called for, for each of the words you enter on the line as delimited by spaces. Preceding a word with a tilde (~) signifies you want the root word only without equivalences, calling SPM.

You can also specify a REX expression by preceding it with a forward slash (/), or an XPM expression by preceding it with a percent sign (%), or an NPM expression by preceding it with a pound sign (#), or a phrase by putting it in quotes, or a wildcard pattern by appending or preceding a word with an asterisk (*). Each such entry, as well as words, terms or acronyms, as delimited by spaces, will be understood as a separate set for which intelligent intersections will be looked for. Logic operators plus (+) or minus (-) can be assigned to any of these search item sets.

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