Returns 1 if given feature is supported, 0 if not (or unknown). The syntax is:


where feature is one of the following varchar tokens:

  • RE2 For RE2 regular expression support in REX

  • watchpath For <watchpath> support in Vortex

  • watchpathsubtree For <watchpath> subtree flag support in Vortex

This function is typically used in Vortex scripts to test if a feature is supported with the current version of Texis, and if not, to work around that fact if possible. For example:

<if hasFeature( "RE2" ) = 1>
       ... proceed with RE2 expressions ...
       ... use REX instead ...

Note that in a Vortex script that does not support hasFeature() itself, such an <if> statement will still compile and run, but will be false (with an error message).

Added in version 7.06.1481662000 20161213. Some feature tokens were added in later versions.

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