Example Schema: Load Individual Fields From Named External Files

This schema will load data from the file named by the "Attachment:" field of each input record into. The name of that input file will also be stored in the "Attachname" field.

database /tmp/testdb
table    ext
#       Name          Type                    Tag           Default
field   Title         varchar(80)             Title         ''
field   Subject       varchar(80)             Subject       ''
field   Attachname    varchar(40)             Attachment    ''
field   Attachment    varchar(4000),fromfile  Attachment    ''

Here is sample data for the above schema. The attachments are universally available files on Unix systems.

Title: Test record one
Subject: This is a test
Attachment: /etc/group

Title: Test record two
Subject: This is a test
Attachment: /etc/profile

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