Edit commands:

Comma (,) means add this word/phrase to the list of equivs for this root.

Tilde (~) means delete this word from the list of equivs for this root.

Equals (=) only applies for the first equiv specified for a root. It means replace this entry with the following entry. The first word after the equals is taken as the new root and the rest of the words are its equivs. If the equals is followed by a non-alphanumeric character the entire rest of the line is taken literally as a replacement for the original entry. This is a macro like facility that allows you to make a word mean a regular expression or other Metamorph special pattern match.

Once you have a user equiv source file index it with the backref command. This syntax is:

backref source_file indexed_file

Where source_file is the ASCII file you created. And indexed_file is the backreferenced and indexed file that you specify in the ueqprefix variable. To just index the source file without backreferencing it use the -l1 option:

backref -l1 source_file indexed_file
By convention the source file should have the same path and filename as the indexed file with an extension of ".lst". This is what the Metamorph user interface expects. For example: the source file for "c:\morph3\eqvsusr" would be "c:\morph3\eqvsusr.lst"

Sample user equiv file:

ranch,farm,pen,hen house,chicken house,pig sty
Farmer's Almanac,research,weather forecast,book
rose,flower,thorn,red flower
water,moisture,dew,dewdrop,Atlantic Ocean
bee pollen,mating,flower,pollination,Vitamin B
wish;n,pie in the sky,dream;v,yearn,long,pine
constellation~nebula~zodiac,big dipper

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