Building Unix client applications with the Texis SQL API

All files needed to build Texis clients are installed into the /usr/local/morph3/api directory. This directory should be added to your compiler include and linker library paths. This directory also contains example client source code and a makefile that can be used as a model. sqlex1.c is an example of using this API.

Source code needs to #include "tstone.h". tstone.h also requires sys/types.h if it has not been included already.

Executables need to be linked with libntexis.a, libapi3.a, txclnop.o, and the standard math lib. Also some platforms don't include TCP/IP socket calls in the standard libs. These platforms will need them added to the link list. They are typically called libsocket.a, libnsl.a, and libresolv.a.

cc -I/usr/local/morph3/api -O -c sqlex1.c
cc -L/usr/local/morph3/api sqlex1.o /usr/local/morph3/api/txclnop.o
   -lntexis -lapi3 -lm -o sqlex1


cc -I/usr/local/morph3/api -O -c sqlex1.c
cc -L/usr/local/morph3/api sqlex1.o /usr/local/morph3/api/txclnop.o
   -lntexis -lapi3 -lm -lsocket -lnsl -lresolv -o sqlex1

or (with the example makefile)

make sqlex1

You should not work directly in the /usr/local/morph3/api directory. You should make separate a directory to work in and copy the example source and makefile to that directory and work there.

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