APICP Variable Definitions

The following fields are defined in the APICP structure:

  • suffixproc Do suffix stripping processing

  • prefixproc Do prefix stripping processing

  • rebuild Perform the morpheme rebuild check

  • incsd Include the start delimiter in the hit

  • inced Include the end delimiter in the hit

  • withinproc Look for within operator (w/..)

  • suffixrev Internal Thunderstone use: Strings in suffix list are reversed

  • minwordlen Minimum remaining length of a pre/suffix stripped word

  • intersects Number of intersections to be located in the hit

  • sdexp The start delimiter expression

  • edexp The end delimiter expression

  • query Query from user

  • set Array of sets of things being searched for, in equiv format; sets are in original query order

  • suffix The list of suffixes

  • suffixeq The list of suffixes for equivalence lookup

  • prefix The list of prefixes

  • noise The list of words that constitute "noise"

  • eqprefix The Path-filename of the main equiv file

  • ueqprefix The Path-filename of the user equiv file

  • see Lookup "see also" references

  • keepeqvs Keep equivalences

  • keepnoise Keep noise words

  • eqedit A user programmable equiv edit function

  • eqedit2 A user programmable equiv edit function A user settable data pointer

  • denymode API3DENY... mode: how to deny query-protection-forbidden actions

  • al... Flags for allowing/denying query-protection actions

  • qmin..., qmax... Query-protection limits

  • defsuffrm Whether to remove a trailing vowel, or one of a trailing double consonant pair, after normal suffix processing, and if the word is still minwordlen or greater. This only has effect if suffix processing is enabled (suffixproc on and the original word is at least minwordlen long)

  • reqsdelim Flag indicating start delimiter must be present

  • reqedelim Flag indicating end delimiter must be present

  • olddelim Flag indicating old delimiter behavior should be used

  • withincount Value of integer N if within operator was "w/N"

  • phrasewordproc Phrase word processing mode (API3PHRASEWORD... value)

  • textsearchmode The TXCFF mode for text searches

  • stringcomparemode The TXCFF mode for string comparisons

  • setqoffs List of offsets into original user query, corresponding to sets

  • setqlens List of lengths in original user query, corresponding to sets

  • originalPrefixes List of set-logic, tilde, open-parenthesis, pattern-matcher character prefixes in original query, corresponding to sets; NULL-terminated

  • sourceExprLsts Each sourceExprLists item corresponds to a set item, and is a list of source expressions/terms (before equivalence etc. processing) from original query for that set; NULL-terminated

NOTE: See Metamorph chapter here for detailed descriptions of what many of these variables do.

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