16 Profiling

Uses - Message routing / Notification / Ad rotation / News filtering

In a typical text search application you will have a database with a large number of fairly static documents against which ad-hoc text queries are issued. Some applications have different characteristics. If you have a large static set of queries, and various documents that you would want to run all queries against, then you should consider the profiling features of Texis.

Profiling is used when you have documents passing through or being added to the system, and need to be matched against a relatively static set of queries. Some examples of where profiling is useful are message routing, notification, ad rotation and news filtering.

In message routing you are trying to find where to send particular messages based on keywords in the messages. The driving table contains queries, and a destination. When a document arrives a query is generated, and then issued against the table with the queries. This yields a list of destinations to which the message can be forwarded. The notification and news filtering applications are similar. With notification you can store the hit information, such as an id to the query and the message in a table, and notify the user that there are new matches for their query. For news filtering you might only want to keep news articles people are interested in.

Profiling can be used for ad rotation if you are selling particular keywords. In this case you will be sending the users query against the list of keywords for the ads, and the result will be a list of ads that bought keywords the user searched for. If the user entered a long query then you would need to decide how to pick an ad.

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