Username Fixup

Username Fixup allows you to make modifications to the Results Authorization username provided, such as adding or removing a domain. This allows multiple back-ends with slightly different authentication schemes to be searched simultaneously in a Meta Search.

  • Search - the search expression to match on the incoming username. Unless you're stripping off a domain, this should be left blank to match everything.

  • Replace - the replacement string used to modify what was matched in the search. Please see examples below, or the Replacement Strings of the Vortex manual on our website for the exact syntax.

For example, suppose you have a wiki and a file server. They use the same authentication back-ends, but the wiki takes the format username and the file server takes the format DOMAIN\username. If you create a profile for each of them and set the Username Fixup Replace value for the file server to DOMAIN\\\1, then you can meta-search both with username and each will get the format it needs.

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