Singles Only

The Singles Only rewalk type is rarely needed, and only in specific scenarios.

Singles Only is like a refresh walk (doesn't create a new database), but it skips all the normal walking like Base URLs and refreshing content in the index. Instead it only walks "singles" settings (Single Pages, Single URLs, and Single Files). Further, every URL from singles is checked on every walk, regardless of whether it would be scheduled based on the refresh schedule described earlier.

  • When to use Singles Only walks - Singles Only walks can be useful in scenarios where customers want something more efficient than refresh walking, like a dataload environment, but aren't able to construct proper dataload requests. If customers can produce a "changelist" URL that automatically lists all URLs that have changed recently, then that changelist URL can be named as a Single URL. A Singles Only walk will walk those URLs, without attempting to refresh the rest of the indexed content that the customer knows hasn't changed.

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