• Name - name of the thesaurus. If this thesaurus already exists, it will be replaced.

  • Permutations - what permutations apply to this thesaurus. Possible values are Full, Single, or None. Defaults to Single.

  • Verbose (optional) - If set to Y, verbose output of processing the thesaurus content will be included in the response.

  • Content - the text content that should be used for the thesaurus. See the Thesaurus section for details on the format (5.3, here).


  • Output - output of the thesaurus processing operation. Any errors will be listed in the text.

Creates or updates a thesaurus in Webinator. Once created, a thesaurus can be used in a profile by setting its SSc_eqprefix or SSc_ueqprefix to this thesaurus' Name.

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