Results Highlighting

Syntax: select None, Classes, Inline or Bold

The user's query will be highlighted in various parts of the search results (Title, Abstract, etc.) with the selected method:

  • None or N - No highlighting will be done in search results.

  • Classes or Y - Terms will be highlighted with <span> tags that refer to classes that are defined in a separate CSS file, /webinator/common/search.css by default. Each term in the query is tagged with a different class, which are each highlighted a different color in the default search.css. All these rules can be overridden with your own CSS on the results page.

  • Inline - Terms will be highlighted with <span> tags that directly specify a fixed CSS style. This is not customizable, but is self-contained and does not depend on a separate stylesheet or file. Same visual result as Classes with the default CSS.

  • Bold - Terms will be highlighted with <b> tags.

The default is Bold.

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