Primer Type

"Primer URLs" are URLs that are fetched before actually starting a walk. They are not stored in the search database, but instead are used to "prime" Webinator with any necessary credentials (e.g. login cookies) for accessing the rest of the site. By default, the Base URL is used, in case any session/ASP cookies are needed.

The Primer Type setting specifies which (if any) URLs are used to prime the profile:

  • None - No primer URL is used. The Base URLs are walked as normal.

  • Base URL - the Base URLs are used to prime the walk. This differs from None in that the base URLs are submitted once and the results discarded, and then submitted again for walking.

    This is useful in situations where the Base URL contains login information, and the page returns "thank you for logging in" with no other content until the page is requested again.

  • Custom (default) - The URLs listed in Custom Primer URLs (if any) are used, as described below.

For directly-supported authentication schemes - HTTP Basic, NTLM, Negotiate, CAS, SAML/ADFS, or file authentication - the Login Info setting should be used instead.

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