Phrase Word Processing

Syntax: select box

This setting controls how suffix/wildcard processing - as determined by the Word Forms setting - is applied to phrases. Single-word terms always have suffix/wildcard processing applied; however phrases - multi-word terms bound by hyphens or in double-quotes - are only processed if this setting allows it.

There are two choices:

  • Last word only: Only process the last word in the phrase; this is the default. For example, with this value set (and Word Forms set to Any word forms) the query ""vacuum cleaner"" would match "vacuum cleaner" as well as "vacuum cleaners".

  • None: Do no processing on phrase words. With this value set, the query ""vacuum cleaner"" would only match "vacuum cleaner", regardless of Word Forms.

Note that a single word term is not a phrase - even if double-quoted - and thus Phrase Word Processing does not apply to it.

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