PDF Title Action

Syntax: select option

Controls how titles are handled for PDF files.

  • Automatic (default) - Use the internal title if one is set, otherwise generate a title.

  • Always Generate - Always generate a title for the PDF, ignoring any title set in the document.

  • Never Generate - Always use the internal title from the PDF. If there isn't one, the title is left empty.

Binary files like Word documents can have titles set internally. They're usually unset, and if they are set, it's likely to a good title that should be used.

PDF files often differ from this. Many PDF converters set the PDF's title to the original filename that the PDF came from. This results in a PDF with a title like expenseReport.doc, which shows up as the link text in the search result. Users click on what appears to be a Word document, only to arrive at a PDF document.

Setting PDF Title Action to Always Generate tells the Webinator to ignore any internally set title for PDF files, and always generate one based on the content.

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