Making Backup Live on Main Failure

If in the future the main machine fails and the backup needs to become primary, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the main machine stops replicating, if it is still accessible, to avoid further confusion. Go to System Replication Settings / Targets on the main machine and remove all target(s), then hit Update at the bottom to apply this. If the main machine is inaccessible, simply make sure it stays down.

  • Make the backup machine live for searches as appropriate (e.g. switch your organization's proxy or web site to refer to it, change its IP/hostname, etc.). We now refer to this as the new main machine.

  • Turn off receiving replication on the new main machine: under SystemSystem SetupSystem Wide Settings, set Allow Receiving to N.

  • Replace/restore the new backup (old main) machine, and configure as a backup per above.

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