Login URL

For the Forward login cookies Authorization Method, when none of the Login Cookies are seen at search time(or for the CAS method when no service ticket is seen), the user is assumed not to have logged in yet. In this event, the user will be redirected to Login URL, which should be the URL to the site's form-based (or CAS) login page.

After logging the user in, the site's login page should redirect the user back to their original search. To accomplish this, the special token "%REFERER%", if used in the Login URL, will be replaced with the URL back to the user's search. Thus, it could be assigned to a query-string variable in the Login URL so that the login page can redirect back to the search. E.g. with this value for the Login URL:


Webinator would redirect the user to http://login.example.com/login.asp, with the searchurl variable set to the Webinator search page (with query). The /login.asp code should be configured to then redirect the user back to the searchurl query variable after login.

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