• Profile - the name of the profile to get tasks for, or !SYSTEM for system-wide tasks, or !ALL for all tasks.

  • Scope (optional) - defines what tasks to get. Possible values are:

    • running - return only running tasks. This is the default when using !SYSTEM or !ALL for Profile.

    • recent - return tasks since the most recent walk or import. This is the default for individual profiles.

    • !ALL - all tasks, running and finished.

  • Db (optional) - which profile database to retrieve tasks for. Possible values are:

    • live - the profile database currently being used for search.

    • other - if a New walk is running, this retrieves tasks for the walking database, not the live search database.
    The Db parameter is unused with Profile values of !SYSTEM and !ALL.

  • Max (optional) - the maximum number of tasks to return, defaults to -1 (unlimited).


  • TaskInfo - an array of structures of information about the task, see getTask for details.

getTasks retrieves information about tasks that are running or have been run. This can be used to keep tabs on what is running on a machine, or to tell when a specific profile has all of its tasks completed.

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