File URL Get Owner Headers

Whether to return the owner/group names, and SIDs (if URL is a Windows share), of file:// URLs. These will be returned in the headers File-Owner-Name/File-Group-Name (all platforms' URLs), and File-Owner-SID/File-Group-SID (Windows shares only). Obtaining this information costs extra network traffic and time; e.g. looking up names can block if the domain controller or NIS server is unresponsive. Thus this setting is off (N) by default, and the headers are only returned if the setting is Y.

Note that for Unix walks of Unix URLs, the File-Owner-UID/File-Group-GID headers (with owner UID and group GID) are always returned, regardless of this setting. This is because obtaining UID and GID does not require extra traffic nor time.

This setting was added in version 8.01.1669140384 20221122.

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