Embed a search box

It's possible to have a small search box on your pages where the user can type a query and submit searches. The search box submits to the Webinator and users will have the search results served by the Webinator, although the look and feel of the search results page can be customized to look like your site.

To acquire the HTML needed for an embedded search box:

  • In the admin interface, click Profiles in the menu bar and select the profile you'd like to use in the search box.

  • Click Search in the menu bar. This opens the search form.

  • Use your web browser's "View Page Source" option (ViewSource in the menu, or Ctrl+U) to open a window that contains the HTML source code of the page.

  • Copy everything between and including the <form> and </form>.

  • Paste the form into your web page(s).

  • Add the Webinator's hostname to the beginning of the form's action attribute. For example, if your Webinator is search.example.com, and the existing attribute looked like:

    <form action="/texis/...

    You'd change it to:

    <form action="http://search.example.com/texis...

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