Display Charset

Syntax: a standard IANA charset name

This sets the charset used to display search results in. The default if empty is the charset for Storage Charset under All Walk Settings. This charset should be a superset of US-ASCII (same 7-bit sequences), compatible with Top HTML, and translatable by Webinator from Storage Charset.

A <META HTTP-EQUIV=Content-Type> tag in Top HTML will be updated automatically to reflect this charset. This update can be disabled by putting 2 or more spaces between META and HTTP-EQUIV in Top HTML.

Note that if the Display Charset differs from the Storage Charset, search results must be converted on-the-fly, potentially degrading performance slightly. Thus, if Display Charset is ever changed, it is recommended that Storage Charset be changed as well, and after the next rewalk (when all the database data is now in the new Storage Charset), Display Charset be change back to default (empty, which will still display in the new Storage Charset).

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