Configure the Backup Machine

On the backup machine:

  • Under SystemSystem SetupSystem Wide Settings, add both the main and backup machines' IP addresses to Cluster Members (one per line). Adding the main machine IP will permit the backup machine to cooperate with the main machine (e.g. when receiving settings/data from it). Adding the backup IP will avoid needing to add it if the roles of the main and backup machines ever switch (e.g. after a disaster and the main machine is rebuilt and becomes the backup).

  • On the same page, set Disable Starting All Walks to Y. This will prevent redundant (and possibly conflicting) walks on the backup, which are unnecessary because it will be receiving walk data from the main machine.

  • On the same page, under System Replication Settings, set Allow Receiving to Y. This will allow the backup machine to receive replication data (i.e. settings and walk data) from the main machine.

  • Hit Update to apply the above changes.

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