Authorization Method

The Authorization Method setting controls what Results Authorization method(s) are used by Webinator when verifying user access to search result URLs. See the Results Authorization section (here) for details. The possible settings are:

  • None: No access verification; return all search results to all users. This is the default. It is also the setting that should be used for a Meta Search profile, even if one or more of its back-end profiles does use Results Authorization: the request and response for credentials will automatically be passed back and forth from front-end Meta Search to back-end profiles, which will handle the authorization (not the front-end).

  • Forward login cookies: Webinator will forward login cookies from the user to the result URL. This is for custom HTML-form-based single-sign-on systems.

  • Basic/NTLM/file - prompt via form: Webinator will prompt the user for their credentials with a form, then send them to the result URL via HTTP Basic, NTLM or Windows/SMB file authentication.

  • CAS: Webinator will use the Central Authentication Service to proxy user credentials. The Login URL must be set to the CAS login service, with a service parameter pointing back to Webinator. Additional caveats apply; see details under Login URL for CAS, here.

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