Allow Linear

Syntax: select Yes or No button

Off by default. If on, an all-linear query -one without any indexable "anchor" words- is allowed. A query like "/money #million", where all the terms use unindexable pattern matchers (REX, NPM or XPM) is an example. Such a query requires a linear search of the entire table, and this can be very slow for a profile of significant size (e.g. 100,000+ documents).

If allinear is off, all queries must have at least one term that can be resolved with the Metamorph index, and a Metamorph index must exist on the field. Under such circumstances, other unindexable terms in the query can generally be resolved quickly, if the "anchor" term limits the linear search to a tiny fraction of the table. The error message "Query would require linear search" may be generated by linear queries if this is off.

Note that while enabling linear searches can improve the results of queries where it is needed, it also takes more time and machine resources - even more so that post-processing (here). Thus careful thought should be given when considering enabling it, especially with large (e.g. 100,000+ document) profiles.

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