write output, flags, skiponfail Options - Caveat

In version 7 and later, the <write> statement (here) also supports the output flag as used with capture, and the flags option was also added.

Caveat: If any existing code writes to a file literal named "output" or "flags", such filenames may be interpreted as options in version 7 and the code may fail to compile. The fix is simply to move the filename to a variable, or qualify it with a path.

Also in version 7, the skiponfail option was added: if set, the <write> block will be skipped if the file fails to be opened (as in previous versions).

Caveat: skiponfail defaults to off - so <write> statements that fail to open the file will now enter the <write> block and execute the code therein. Previous versions skipped the block on file-open failure.

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