Variables from Multi-part File Uploads

In addition to URL-encoded variables from forms and the URL, Vortex also imports variables from a form-based multi-part file upload, if the user's browser supports them. These are variables of INPUT type file on a FORM. Note: the form encoding type must be explicitly set to "multipart/form-data" in order for most browsers to properly send the data:

<FORM METHOD=post ACTION=$url/func.html
  File to upload:  <INPUT TYPE=file NAME=image ACCEPT="image/gif">
  Description:     <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=desc>
  <INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Submit">
  <INPUT TYPE=reset  VALUE="Reset Form">

This form would present the user with a file-select dialog box (for the image variable) and a plain text box (for the desc variable). On submission, the browser sends the file the user selected, and the Vortex variable $image would contain the contents of that file. Any other type variables on the form (e.g. desc) are imported as usual.

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