varchartostrlstsep default is now create - Caveat

In version 7, the default value for the varchartostrlstsep SQL property changed to create (it was previously lastchar). This simplifies the passing of Vortex string arrays to SQL strlst columns, especially when they may occasionally contain a single value.

Caveat: As a consequence, a single string such as "a,b,c," that was previously split into three values upon conversion to strlst, will be a single-value strlst ("a,b,c,") in version 7.

There are several ways to restore the version 6 default: set the [Texis] Varchar To Strlst Sep setting in conf/texis.ini; set the varchartostrlstsep SQL property; use the SQL convert() function with a third argument of "lastchar"; or set <vxcp compatibilityversion> to 6. See the Texis manual on these settings and the convert() function for details.

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