TraceVortex Logging

TraceVortex logging is controlled via the tracevortex and tracevortex log vxcp settings.

  • tracevortex log $file - Sets the filename to use when TraceVortex logging is enabled. It defaults to the script path (sans extension) with a .vstrace extension in the script directory. Setting it to empty restores the default. Returns the previous value.

  • tracevortex on|off - Starts or stops TraceVortex logging. Overwrites any existing log file. Logging also automatically finishes when the Vortex program exits.

The .vstrace log file is a list of statements executed, including timestamps, line numbers, statement information, and other data about the program's execution. It isn't meant to be read directly by humans, but instead can be opened by the visualization program to provide a more usable view of the data.

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