Start Functions with Parameters

If the start function to a script has parameters, they will be passed as arguments from the same-named global variables if set, otherwise their default values/variables are used.

The PUBLIC and PRIVATE flags were added in version 2.1.895000000 19980513. EXPORT was added in version 2.6.936300000 19990902. Function parameters were added in version 2.6.911900000 19981123.

All <A> tags in a function must be balanced with closing </A> tags, so that the function-closing </A> tag can be determined. If a function has unbalanced anchor tags, they should be printed in a <VERB NOESC> element (here) to escape their meaning in Vortex.

Script functions generally default to PRIVATE if undeclared; however this is not always true, so all functions should be explicitly declared.

Arguments are named in script function calls, whereas in user function calls arguments are merely listed in order.

Even with pass-by-reference, changes to a parameter inside a function might not affect the caller's argument, if a later call uses pass-by-value instead (i.e. it's up to the caller, not the function).

User functions cannot pass arguments by reference.

A parameter hides a global variable of the same name from within the function: the global cannot be accessed (unless it was passed as a reference).

Builtin functions, user functions

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