SQLCACHE - control SQL handle caching



The SQLCACHE directive sets how many idle Texis (SQL) handles to cache for SQL statements, SQL expressions and state-table exports. The default is 2, which is adequate for most scripts.

The cache is automatically increased when needed, e.g. if nested SQL statements exceed the cache size. Generally the only time the cache should be explicitly increased with SQLCACHE is to optimize scripts that repeatedly re-use a lot of the same SQL-expression assignment or SQL statements in a loop. In such cases setting the cache to the number of unique re-used statements may speed up the process. The larger the cache, the more file handles and memory used, so it is best not to make the cache too large.



SQLCACHE is a directive and as such must appear before any functions. It first appeared in version 2.1.873200000 19970902.

If the SQLCACHE value is set too high, the process may run out of file handles, causing errors.

SQL, sqlcp

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