loguser - log user accesses


<loguser $REMOTE_ADDR [$limit]>

The loguser function adds 1 to the count of accesses in the last minute by the host $REMOTE_ADDR, which is a dotted-decimal IPv4 address unique to the current user. The web server sets the $REMOTE_ADDR environment variable to the address of the remote host.

In combination with the userstats function, loguser provides a way to limit access by overzealous or rogue users. The access count for users is shared across all Vortex scripts. Any script can update the access count for a user with loguser, and all scripts will be instantly aware of the count.

loguser returns "Success", or "Fail" if more than $limit (default 5) distinct users have accessed the server in the past minute (as counted by loguser). The count for the given user is updated in either case.


<loguser $REMOTE_ADDR>

The loguser function was added Oct. 10 1996. In version 2.1.882170000 19971215 and later the first parameter is required to be an IPv4 address, and the second argument is accepted.

userstats, resetstats

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