Empty-element Statement Tags Allowed - Caveat

In version 7 and later, empty-element ("self-closing" e.g. <element/>) Vortex statements are permitted. For block or looping statements (e.g. <rex>, <sql>), this causes the statement to be non-looping; for non-block/non-loop statements (e.g. <sum>), it has no effect. This syntax can be used to "close" Vortex statements lexically to allow SGML-syntax-aware editors to indent and highlight code better.

Caveat: If any existing Vortex statements have a non-quoted trailing forward slash, in Texis version 7 the trailing slash will likely be interpreted as part of a self-closing tag, instead of a separate parameter to the statement. This may cause compile errors and/or missing parameters in Texis version 7. E.g. <case />, while valid in version 6 and earlier as a check for "/", will fail in version 7, as it appears to be missing an argument. The fix is to quote the slash (quoting literal arguments is recommended practice anyway).

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