code2geo - decode latitude/longitude encoding


<code2geo $num>

Note: code2geo is a deprecated function. Use the SQL functions geocode2lat() and geocode2lon() where possible instead.

The code2geo function decodes a geo2code-generated encoding into a latitude/longitude pair, returned as a space-separated pair of numbers in a string. The returned coordinate is in the Texis/Vortex DDDMMSS form (DMS "degrees minutes seconds" format, west-positive).

code2geo returns a string, the space-separated latitude and longitude for the given geo2code-encoded number.


<A NAME=list>
  Cities and their positions:
  <SQL "select Name, GeoCode from city">
    <code2geo $GeoCode>
     $Name $ret

The code2geo function was added in version 2.1.904800000 19980902.

As with geo2code, since the encoded value is platform-dependent in accuracy and format, it should not be copied across platforms, and the returned coordinates from code2geo may differ up to about half a minute from the original coordinates.

<geo2code> Vortex function, geocode2lat(), geocode2lon() SQL functions

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