CGI Mapping by Directory

When the web server's CGI environment is mapped from programs in a specific directory (e.g. /cgi-bin), Vortex scripts are specified in URLs as a path appended to the texis program URL /cgi-bin/texis. With most CGI programs, this path (the PATH_INFO CGI variable) is interpreted as relative to the server's document root (i.e. where HTML documents are). However, Vortex uses its own ScriptRoot directory instead of document root, to avoid file permission issues. ScriptRoot defaults to the texis/scripts subdirectory of the install dir (see here to re-configure).

Thus, if Vortex is installed such that its URL is /cgi-bin/texis, the URL /cgi-bin/texis/myVortexScript would execute the Vortex script /usr/local/morph3/texis/scripts/myVortexScript (standard Unix install) or C:\morph3\texis\scripts\myVortexScript (standard Windows Texis install).

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