ADDTRAILINGSLASH - add trailing slash to "directory" URLs


<addtrailingslash = yes|no>

The <addtrailingslash> directive controls whether to add a trailing slash (via a redirect) when a script is accessed via a "directory" URL without a trailing slash. A "directory" URL looks like a directory, i.e. it contains neither a function/MIME-extension nor user-path information. For example, "/texis/dir/script" (where the Vortex script is the file "script") would be redirected to "/texis/dir/script/".

Adding a trailing slash to such URLs allows relative links on such a page - such as "search.html" to enter the <search> function - to be resolved correctly by the browser. Relative links also reduce the content size of the page, and permit the script to be mirrored or proxied from a different site without having to rewrite its links. Most web servers do a similar redirect for directories, for the same reasons.

As it is a directive, <addtrailingslash> must appear before the first function in the script. It overrides the [Texis] Vortex Add Trailing Slash setting in texis.ini, here.


<addtrailingslash = yes>

The <addtrailingslash> directive was added in version 5.01.1227570000 20081124.

[Texis] Vortex Add Trailing Slash setting in texis.ini

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