Windows Addendum

Those using non-Microsoft compilers should also read MSFOPEN.H.

The Metamorph Windows API is provided in the form of two DLLs and their associated export libraries:


Both DLLs must be available for Metamorph applications at run time. MORPHMEM.DLL contains all memory handling functions.

The entire Metamorph API was compiled large model with the PASCAL calling convention. All function calls are therefore PASCAL unless declared otherwise. Putmsg() uses the C calling convention since it has a variable number of arguments. All data passed to and from API functions must be FAR.

Putmsg() is handled a little differently under Windows since the version in the DLL can not be effectively replaced. The default behavior of putmsg() is to write to file handle 2. To change the output file call setmmsgfname() with the name of the file to write to. To change the output file to an already opened file call setmmsgfh() with the opened file handle. To change the message handling function completely call setmmsg() with a pointer to your message handling function. See the descriptions of these functions for more details.

Message handling should be setup before calling any Metamorph API functions that could fail so that messages will go to a known place.

See MMEXW.C for working examples. MMEXW.MAK is a Quick C 1.00 project file for MMEXW.

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