What does my program need to do?

When your program is called, a file name will be added as the last argument. If this does not fit in with the program you are trying to call a shell or batch script can usually take care of any argument manipulation needed.

Some triggers may just need to know that the event occurred, but most will probably need to see the data. To perform these functions you will use the following functions:

: Open the data file.
: Get the pointer to a particular field.
: Read a row from the table.
: Retrieve the data from a field.
: Close the data file.

These functions are similar to, or the same as the functions documented elsewhere for direct access to the database files for writing loaders. The main difference is that when accessing these files there is no need to use any of the higher level functions in Texis, so we use opentbl instead of opendbtbl. The difference is that opentbl takes a file name, where as opendbtbl takes a table name, which is then looked for in the data dictionary. Also as this is a private copy of the data no locking is done.

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