Try It On Your Mailbox

Once you've tried out the sample schema files on the sample text included, you can get daring and try importing some text of your own into a Texis table with Timport. The following schema file matches mbox formats created with many standard Unix mail programs.

     # import a mailbox into Texis
     database /tmp/testdb
     table    mail
     # take multiple records from a single file
     datefmt x, dd mmm yyyy HH:MM:SS
     #      name    type         tag     default_val
     field  From    varchar      />>^\RFrom\x20\P=[^\space]+    UNKNOWN
     field  Subject varchar      Subject UNKNOWN
     field  Date    date         Date
     field  Text    varchar      -
     # create table mail(id counter,From varchar(80),
     #           Subject varchar(80), Date date,Text varchar(5000));

You should be able to create a table with the create table command listed above, then run a command something like this:

timport -s mbox.sch -v -t mbox

After a successful importation you'll be able to do concept queries on the text field of the message and locate all that important traffic you could never find again.

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