Reserved Words

The following words are reserved words in SQL. Texis makes use of many of them, and future versions may make use of others. These words should not be used as ordinary identifiers in forming names.

Allowances will be made in future versions of Texis so that the words may be used as delimited identifiers if deemed vital, by enclosing them between double quotation marks.

ADA                 DELETE              INTO                REFERENCES
ADD                 DESC                IS                  REVOKE
ALL                 DESCRIPTOR          KEY                 ROLLBACK
ALTER               DISTINCT            LANGUAGE            SCHEMA
AND                 DOUBLE              LIKE                SECQTY
ANY                 DROP                LIKE3               SELECT
AS                  EDITPROC            LOCKSIZE            SET
ASC                 END-EXEC            MATCHES             SMALLINT
AUTHORIZATION       ERASE               MAX                 SOME
AVG                 ESCAPE              METAMORPH           SQLCODE
BETWEEN             EXECUTE             MIN                 STOGROUP
BLOB                EXISTS              MODULE              SUM
BUFFERPOOL          FETCH               NOT                 SYNONYM
BY                  FIELDPROC           NULL                TABLE
C                   FLOAT               NUMERIC             TABLESPACE
CHAR(ACTER)?        FOR                 NUMPARTS            TO
CHECK               FOREIGN             OF                  UNION
CLOSE               FORTRAN             ON                  UNIQUE
CLUSTER             FOUND               OPEN                UPDATE
COBOL               FROM                OPTION              USER
COLUMN              GO                  OR                  USING
COMMIT              GO[ \t]*TO          ORDER               VALIDPROC
COMPACT             GOTO                PART                VALUES
CONTINUE            GRANT               PASCAL              VARCHAR
COUNT               GROUP               PLAN                VCAT
CREATE              HAVING              PLI                 VIEW
CTIME               IMMEDIATE           PRECISION           VOLUMES
CURRENT             IN                  PRIMARY             WHENEVER
CURSOR              INDEX               PRIQTY              WHERE
DATABASE            INDICATOR           PRIVILEGES          WITH
DATE                INDIRECT            PROCEDURE           WORK
DECIMAL             INSERT              PUBLIC
DECLARE             INT(EGER)?          REAL

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