netex3 - Example Lookup Program


netex3 [-hhostname] [-sport] [-uusername] [-ppassword] [-1]
       ["query" [database]]

This is an example of a lookup program using the client/server interface. By default it will look in the testdb database for patents that match the Metamorph query " magnetic  coil" in the abstract.

Making and Running the Lookup Program

To make netex3 copy makefile and netex3.c from the /usr/local/morph3/api directory to a working directory, then type make netex3 in that directory. This example accesses the example database shipped with Texis or created with the example loader program (/usr/local/morph3/texis/testdb). To run the compiled in example the Texis server must be running on the machine with the database. After that you can simply run the program netex3, which should show you one abstract matching the default query. The previous run assumes that the server was running with the -a option since the client attempts to login to it as the anonymous user "".


The lookup program is flexible, allowing any query on any database on any machine running the Texis server.

The options are

Connect to a server on hostname. Default is the local host.
Connect to port. The default is the default Texis port (10002).
Login as user. The default is to use no userid and login as the anonymous user "".
Login using password. The default is no password.
Only return the first hit.
Any valid Texis SQL statement. The default is "select * from patent where pabstract like ' magnetic  coil'"
The name of the database to access. Default is /usr/local/morph3/texis/testdb.

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