n_newindirect() - Object manipulation


char *url=n_newindirect(SERVER *se,char *database,char *table,char *fn);

This functions allow you to manipulate indirect fields within a Texis database.

newindirect() generates a URL that can be used to store data on the server. If fn is NULL or "" it will create a URL which can be used to store data in that is owned by Texis. If fn is not NULL and not "" and is not a URL already then it will be made into a URL owned by you. If fn is a full path, it will be respected. Otherwise the standard path of indirect files for the table will be prepended.

newindirect() returns a URL that can be stored into. The URL that is returned is an allocated string that MUST be freed by the caller.

The URLs returned by this function may then be used as the field contents of indirect fields.

n_rcopyto(), n_rcopyfrom()

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