Modulating Set Content

The ability to dictate precise content of all word sets passed to the Metamorph Search Engine is left open to the user on an optional basis. We have tried to build into the program enough intelligence through its Equivalence File so that you would never be required to pay any attention to the lists of equivalences if you didn't want to.

Even if Metamorph has no known associations with a word it will still process it with no difficulty, using its built-in morpheme processing capability. You'll find that more often than not you are not required to teach Metamorph anything about your search vocabulary to get satisfactory results, even when using technical terminology.

When you want to control exactly what associations are made with any or all the words or expressions in your searches, you can do so by editing the equivalence set associated with any word already known by the Equivalence File, or by creating associations for a new or created word not yet known. This is covered in detail under the Chapter on Thesaurus Customization.

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